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Training Effective Use of Vision

Awareness and Attention to Detail






Patterns, Letters, Numbers and Words

Activities to Encourage the Use of Vision

Developing a Visual Training Programme

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Control of Eye Movements - Tracking

Hold an object close to the person's face and move it slowly and put it down in front of them. The movement of the object should be followed with the eyes.

Ask the person to find a familiar object and move to touch it. Start at 1 metre then increase the distance.

Hold a light object that will fall slowly to the ground above the person's head. A piece of bright cloth would be suitable. Let the object drop and ask the person to find it and watch it as it falls. Repeat this without telling the person what is happening and watch if she sees it and follows the movement. An additional activity is to ask them to touch it as it falls.


Tracking Movie

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Series of activities can be done with rolling and throwing objects such as balls. Start by rolling the object away from the person. Next roll it towards her and then roll it in front from one side to the other. Repeat the activity by throwing the object. Be careful when throwing towards a person. The movement of the objects should be followed with eye and/ or head movement.

Bouncing or rolling a ball and hitting it with the hand.

Stand opposite the person about 1 metre away and make patterns in the air. The pattern can be made by moving a hand, waving a stick or a brightly coloured object. The pattern should be followed with smooth eye movements. It may be easier at first for the person to follow the pattern by also pointing to the movement.

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