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Simply move your mouse over the animation or simulation box to observe the changes in the picture. There is no need to click the mouse.

Always close the window before continuing reading the website.

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Checkpoints are designed to extend your knowledge.

They open a new window on your computer. Always close the window before continuing reading the web site.

Movie Clips

Click on the link to start the movie. This will open a new window or movie viewing application on your computer. If you are having problems viewing the movie make sure you have the most up to date version of Quicktime.

Always close the window before continuing reading the web site.


The top navigation (Low Vision, Eye Care, Vision Screening etc) reflect the main chapters in this tutorial. The left navigation shows subheadings within each.

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At the end of each chapter is a quiz which tests the core principles you should have learnt in the chapter. A number of statements are made and you are requested to indicate whether they are "true" or "false".

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