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Magnification Methods

Magnifying Devices

Guidelines for Training

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Guidelines for Training

General comments

  • choose a place with appropriate lighting conditions
  • assess if prerequisite skills are mastered, like scanning, techniques for reading across and down a page
  • choose interesting material
  • think of posture and reading distance- a reading stand can be beneficial

Magnifying glasses

  1. Put them on, while seated at place for reading
  2. Take book in both hands
  3. Sit in upright, normal position
  4. Hold book at arms length
  5. Move book slowly nearer till letters are clear. The right distance is crucial
  6. Start reading, by moving the book slowly from left to right in a steady movement, keeping the same reading distance. Rest elbows against sides
  7. At the end of the line, move the book back to the left
  8. Move book up slightly, so eyes are on the level of the next line
  9. Start reading again

So, instead of moving the eyes, the text is moved! This works for some people but not all. Some prefer to move their head and eyes.

Magnifying glasses

Stand magnifier

  1. Place stand magnifier (with legs downwards), flat on the page at the beginning of the paragraph
  2. Move head as close to the lens as needed to get a clear picture and the widest field of view
  3. Move the magnifier slowly to the right, while reading (keeping it flat on the page)
  4. At the end of the line, move the magnifier back in a horizontal movement to the beginning of the line
  5. Move down one line, start reading new line. Fingers can be used as a help to locate the next line
Stand magnifier

Hand magnifier

  1. Place magnifier at the top of the page, at the start of a paragraph
  2. Ease it slowly towards eyes, till the point is reached where the letters are clearest
  3. Move head to best position above magnifier; try out a comfortable position
  4. Move magnifier slowly from right to left, while reading (keeping the same distance between page and magnifier)
  5. When at the end of the line, move back across the same line to the beginning
  6. Move down one line and start reading again
Hand magnifier


  1. Find the general direction of the text/tree/etc. you want to look at first, without the telescope
  2. While looking in the direction of the chosen object raise the telescope to the better or dominant eye.
  3. Scan slowly to find the beginning of the object (hold telescope steady, keep elbows against the side or on a table)
  4. If object is text, read from right to left while scanning slowly.


  • you can use all these devices with your regular glasses
  • do not walk and try to use a telescope at the same time


What near magnifier is easier to use for taking shopping to read prices

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