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Low Vision Online is designed for people who know or work with someone with low vision. It was not designed for low vision specialists but those who in their every day life or work need to know more about low vision. The website aims to give an understanding of low vision. For those who want to learn more, links are given throughout the site.

You can select the sections that are relevant to you. For a teacher with a student with low vision in the classroom, most sections might be of interest. Otherwise someone working in community programs for older people might find sections on low vision, eye care, vision screening, functional assessment, optical and non-optical devices and orientation and mobility useful. A community-based rehabilitation worker might only want the sections on low vision, eye care and vision screening. You can choose the sections that suit you or work through all of them at your own pace.

Questions have been included in each section. These are designed to revise the main points.

We would be very happy to receive your comments on the website.

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